Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby Goes Pro - product review

My little Miss is totally into watching movies.  Lucky for me, she is also a very active child.  She is always running around the house playing with balls and pretending to play hockey.  I was so happy to find a DVD that encourages children to play sports, even starting from an infant.  I was thrilled when the wonderful people at Baby Goes Pro allowed me the opportunity to review this DVD.

At first Bella wasn't interested in watching the "monkey movie", after all what's a movie without Dora or Mickey?  But when I put it on and she finally sat down with me, she really liked it.  The movie shows all the proper techniques of 5 very popular sports.  Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis.

We introduced Bella at a very young age to sports.  After all, her daddy plays baseball every summer and her cousin also played t-ball this summer.  We also watch hockey and soccer.  This movie has professional athletes performing all the proper movements involved in each sport.  There are flashcards that come up on the screen explaining what you are seeing. 

Bella loved watching the steps that she was seeing.  She knew most of the sports upon seeing them and actually copied what she was watching.  It was so great to see.  She also liked the songs that were in the DVD.  They were catchy and she was able to sing along to most of it by the end.  I was so happy when she asked to watch it again when it was over.  It also has an adorable monkey named Emkei who is the star of the show.  He pops up throughout the video and is the "cheerleader" of each sport.  Bella would cheer right along with him.  The bright colours and catchy music make the DVD great for all ages.

Baby Goes Pro was created by champion tennis player Gigi Fernandez after she gave birth to twins.  She wanted to create a product that would help her children learn to play sports from a young age.  From her own experience, she knew that when she wanted to improve a technique in her sport, she would watch videos of "better athletes" to do so.  So why not, have her children learn the same way.  Children learn from repetition.  The DVD shows each step a number of times and after watching the video a few times it will start to stick with the child.  When they pick up a golf club or a baseball bat for the first time, they'll have a good idea already on how to use them.  Giving them the confidence all childre should have.

Check out Baby Goes Pro.  This is a great gift for any child or shower gift.

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