Monday, December 13, 2010

Educational Insights - product review

Educational Insights was kind enough to send me a number of items to review.  We received Hot Dots® Jr. "Ace" - the Talking, Teaching Dog, Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Shapes, PlayFoam® 6-Pack, and the Laundry Jumble™ Game .

When I opened the box I was amazed and thrilled with how much they were kind enough to send.  Bella was even more thrilled than I was. 

"Ace" the Talking, Teaching Dog was a big hit.  With the use of Hot Dots® Jr. Card Set Shapes Bella spet hours learning her shapes.  The activity sets include 36 colourful double sided cards providing 72 early learning activities.  The Hot Dots Jr. pen talks, laughs, lights up and even buzzes with excitement as children explore.   It cheers when you choose the correct answer and will redirect your them when they answer incorrectly.  It is perfect your preschooler.  All you have to do is press the pen to the right shape to answer the question and receive feedback.  What a great way to prepare our little ones for school.

The Laundry Jumble Game was so much fun.  It actually taught my 2 year old about taking turns and having patience.  Perfect for 1 - 4 players.  Object of the game is to match the clothes to your card.  Pick a card and whatever the item of clothing is on the card, rewach in the dryer and try to find it by sense of touch.  (No peeking.)  This encourages tactile exploration and fine motor skills.  It also builds vocabulary as children name animals and clothing.  I think Bella`s favorite part of the game was telling me what was on the cars she picked:)  In the end, the person with the most cards is the winner.  Gotta tell you, Bella won and I didn`t even let her...LOL.

The game includes 11 pieces of doll–size clothing (washable), 30 game cards and a fabric dryer.

The final item we received was the Play Foam.  Bella is a little young for this one still so we haven`t reallylet her play with it yet.  Once she`s a little older and I can guarantee she won`t eat or hide the foam, we`ll bring it out for play.  I took the following right from their website.

Squish our sculpting foam into any design, then smoosh and start again!  Features lightweight sculpting foam beads in 6 colors for creative play and art projects.  Stays fresh and never dries out, allowing children to reuse it again and again.  Sticks to itself (not to skin or surfaces) so cleanup is easy.  Includes 6 bricks in 6 different colors, plus activity ideas.  Bricks measure 2.75"L x 1.25"W x 4"H each.

Educational Insights has so much to offer our preschoolers and school aged children.  Are you a teacher or do you Home School?  This is a site you need to check out.  Don't forget to check out their facebook page too.  I look forward to purchasing more educational games for our little Miss to enjoy.

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