Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa pics today!

So today is the day.  We are going to attempt a Santa picture.  I am so nervous on how this is going to go.  I really want her to not be afraid of the Jolly Ole' Guy, but I think I'll have better luck seeing pigs fly.

We took her a couple of weeks ago to visit with Santa and the only good news is she didn't cry.  She wouldn't leave my side and wouldn't even look at him.  Even when he gave her a lollipop.  She took the lollipop and walked away very quickly.  As soon as we were a "safe distance", she yelled out "Bye Santa!".  Go figure.  She loves him from afar.

Oh well, wish me luck and you know I'll fill you in tonight on how well (or not so well) it went.

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