Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ju-Ju-Be - product review

I had the opportunity to review a diaper bag from Ju-Ju-Be.  No one was more happy to receive this bag than hubby because it is NOT the slightest bit girly.  It can also double as a great laptop bag.  The JJB Messenger has a diaper pad that comes with it.  There is a side pocket that you can put a baby bottle or drink for yourself to keep cool.  On the cover of the bag there is a zippered pocket for your items.  Inside the bag there is a spot for your phone, pens and even a hook to hang your keys.  It has a compartment that is removable (held in the bag with cool!?!)  This is perfect to separate soiled clothes when your little one spits up (which mine does  I know this bag will get alot of use by both me and hubby!  I especially like this bag since I tend to use my diaper bag as purse.  This bag has enough compartments to allow me to do that comfortably.

About Ju-Ju-Be (from their site) Ju-Ju-Be™ was started by the dynamic duo of diaper bags. Why did we start up a whole new brand? Because despite the great fashion (and even some great features) of the other brands, there were still some things lacking. No one had put to use the latest in technology. No one had successfully acted on the idea that fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive. No one else had delved into the deep realm of microbes and anti-stick coatings. Everyone else says that diaper bags aren’t rocket science. We think they can be. Along with being a lot of fun.

Ju-Ju-Be cares about the environment.  They found away to have leather without impacting the environment with tanned animal hides.  They called it Earth Leather and best of all, it is machine washable.

Here some smart & fun features of Ju-Ju-Be bags.

1. machine washable. Yes, that’s right machine washable!
2. most bags have attachments for BeConnected™ stroller clip system
3. tons of smart pockets
4. Crumb Drains™bye-bye mess
5. metal feet on selected bags
6. 3M Thinsulate™ in the insulated bottle pockets. . .climate controlled
7. memory foam in shoulder pads–nice n’ comfy
8. TEFLON® treated outer fabrics–easy to clean, for sure!
9. all metal hardware–no cheap plastic stuff
10. AgION™ protected linings–natural anti-microbial treatment keeps the yuckies in check and they’re light-colored, too, so you can see what’s in there…no black hole!
11. custom hardware–no one else has it
12. self-healing coil zippers
13. ergonomically curved straps make carrying our bags oh so comfy!
14. tons of details from jewels in the zipper pulls to stars on the labels
15. memory foam changing pads–nice for baby
16. mommy pockets with lots of organization
17. PVC free !!!

Check out Ju-Ju-Be today.  You will LOVE these bags!


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